The things I learned making Cherry Pie:

  • cherries are f’ing expensive… spesh when you need two bags. $6.99/pound… damn, gina.
  • making the pastry is not as hard as i thought it would be.
  • the recipe for flaky pastry is a B. the recipe for hot-water pastry is much easier.
  • frozen cherries are best, so throw them in the freezer way before you put them in the oven.
  • when you have several hours in the day to make your pie, you should pit the cherries first…
  • as in, pit the cherries before you lay around for an hour on the couch.
  • as in, pit the cherries before you go on a hike with your dog.
  • as in, pit the cherries before you freeze them in the fridge for 3 hours.
  • as in, pit the cherries before you only have 30 minutes left to get the pie in the oven.
  • Important note: 2 bags of cherries take about 45 minutes to pit. Longer when you can’t move your fingers as well because they’re frozen…
  • OR… buy canned cherries. But I was trying to be all “I made this pie from scratch, bitches”
  • if you pit before-hand, you’ll actually have time to take a shower so you don’t go to your bbq looking a hot mess from your run.
  • enough about the cherries. moving on.
  • when you think you can squeeze 2 latticed crusts out of one slightly larger batch of dough, you can’t. just make two batches.
  • i need to cut my dough more evenly.
  • letting the pies cool down before you take them to you party/bbq is a good idea.
  • if you take them out of the oven and need to leave immediately (because maybe you were running late because of the stupid cherries), you can always place one pie in a laundry basket, then put a cutting board over it, then place the other pie on top of that and stick it in the floorboard of your car so they don’t get ruined*
  • even if your pies look a little janky, don’t worry, people will still eat them.
  • you might have Poinson’s “She’s My Cherry Pie” stuck in your head all day when baking…
  • when you’re going to do a blog post about your cherry pies, take a damn photo of them before you let your friends devour them. sorry dudes. they were awesome though… trust.
*this is only if you don’t have your fancy pie dish holders because you’ve been too lazy to finishing packing up your kitchen stuff in a recent move…
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  1. Sorry to bust your cherry pie bubble, but “She’s My Cherry Pie’ is by Warrant, not Poison. (I hate myself for knowing this). But, to make the bubble burst a little softer, there are cherry trees in Le Petit Village, you can pick all you want for free, so if you ever want to make a pie here, you’re more than welcome, I’ll even help you with the pitting 🙂

  2. i was trying to be all “i made this pie from scratch, bitches”…..absolutely classic!!

  3. ughhhh just the thought of pitting that many cherries for a pie has me tired. go girl.

  4. Hello – found you from Sara Louise – you need one of these (and access to one of our 6 huge cherry trees)

  5. I’m impressed that you even made a pie. Whenever I’m feeling self-indulgent enough to get cherries, they don’t last a day!

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