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{Things That Are My Jam}

It’s my jam to still be alive today… in the past 24 hours I’ve had TWO spiders lower down from my car’s ceiling while I was driving on the freeway. I was able to keep my eyes on the road, grab a napkin from my console, and smash them both, without crashing and dying.

I’ve been climbing at least 2 -3 times per week for almost a month now. I can finally feel improvement in my strength and endurance. I go through spurts of frequent climbing, but often have weeks or months between sessions. I’m determined to get better this year and push into the 5.11 difficulty on a regular basis.

The weather is warming up into that “just right” stage for some of the places I’ve been longing to get to in California. I’m making plans for weekends in Idyllwild and Yosemite!

After dying my hair dark brown since 2008, I’ve been letting my natural color (a mix of light and dark blonde) grow out and I kind of feel great about it. I’m not worried about my roots coming in or making my color appt. every 8 weeks. I haven’t dyed my hair dark since I left Louisville a year ago! I also haven’t had it cut since last August though so I’m in desperate need of hair attention at the moment. If anybody in San Diego knows a great hair person, please let me know!

My laundry and grocery shopping is done for the week… Big win there. ; )

Lastly, I’ve gotten to go camping lately and that really makes me happy. There’s nothing like being a little secluded under so many stars. On our first night out the weather was warm enough that I kept the door unzipped for a long while. Tango sat just staring off into the distance at all the stars for almost an hour until I closed up to go to sleep.


{Links That Are My Jam}

Jennifer Lawrence’s 6 Best Body Image Quotes. Vogue.

How to Build a Badass DIY Camper Van. By Outside.

The National Parks Service reported its busiest year yet! NPCA.

Eating “Too Clean” Can Kill You. We Are Mel.

Infographic Guide to the best San Diego Hiking Trails. Fairmont Gran Del Mar.

Best Yoga Mat Reviews 2016.

Carli Lloyd: Why I’m Fighting for Equal Pay. NY Times.

The 2016 Concert Calendar for the Hollywood Bowl.

Porn site blocks North Carolina visitors over LGBT discrimination laws. NBCNews. Zing! : )

This girl was pranked by her two brothers into thinking there was a zombie apocalypse after she was drugged up post-surgery. Her reactions are MONEY. “We have GUNS! Why are you bringing me garden tools?!” Youtube.
I’ll leave you with a photo from the start of a sunset trail run my man-friend and I did while I was in Canada this past weekend. The views were insane, the air was superb, and the partner was perfect.

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What’s your jam right now?
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