Things I Learned Making Lemon Meringue Pie…

Since I love to bake and hate to do yard work, my roomie and I have an agreement: 
She doesn’t make me mow grass, and I make pies. 
It’s a win-win. And since it’s super warm out and everything’s blooming early, it was finally time for T to cut the grass… and for me to make my first pie of the season. Tamara chose Lemon Meringue, which I’ve never tackled before. NBD. 

*Hot water pastry is the easiest/fastest way to make the crust. 
* When making the pie filling, don’t try to multitask. It makes your pan look like this: 

*When a recipe calls for a double boiler and you don’t have one, 
you stick a bowl over a pan and voila! 
(ghetto, but it works)

*When you can’t find your mixer, you can just make meringue 
by beating egg yolks with a fork really effing fast. 
*Approximately 90 seconds after, when your arm is about to fall off, 
just go search for your mixer. Mine was in the attic. 
*Mixers are the BOMB. Kudos to the mixer inventor. 
*If you feel like you burned your filling(when you tried to multitask earlier), don’t worry. 
It all works out once you add in the rest of the ingredients and cook. 
*Getting a “few” gratings off a lemon rind takes elbow grease…
or a sharper grater.

*When it’s done and you put the pie in the oven to brown,
 only put it in for 3 minutes, instead of 5, so it doesn’t burn. 
*If it’s not as brown as you want it for looks, 
you can use a lighter! 
*Just don’t burn yourself. Obvi. 
I used a long candle lighting lighter…
again… ghetto, but it works. 

*If you’re making the crust from scratch, all in all, this pie took me 2 hours (I think) to finish. 
Glad I had a few hours free. First times take me forever. 
*Lemon Meringue pie is yummy, and not as hard as I thought it would be. 
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  1. OHEMGOSH! I have always wanted to make lemon meringue pie but was always too scared!

    Thanks for presenting the good and the not so easy!!!

    Maybe a project for the weekend!!!! 🙂

  2. yum! i would much rather bake than cut the grass, too. but i also don’t like doing the dishes so i guess that makes me all around lazy 🙂 xx.

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