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While California is warm and sunny, my mind is on Kentucky this week! So many things are my jam right now…

 1) It’s Thanksgiving! Although the weather is nice here in San Diego, it doesn’t feel so much like the holidays. Can’t wait to head home to Kentucky and see my people. We’ll be making the rounds to see all my family and there will be a meal at each place. Double score.

2) My man-friend is coming too! Fraser and I will both be heading into Louisville on Thanksgiving night and staying until the following Tuesday. We haven’t seen each other in a month, so it’ll be nice to get 5 days together. He hasn’t gotten to hang with my family in a year so they’re all pumped to see each other as well.

3) Friends! Our schedule is already jam-packed trying to see everybody is such a short amount of time, but it’ll still be fun. We’re planning on seeing the Mockingjay movie, having a cabin night at the lake with friends, and meeting everybody else for either brunch or dinner. We’re both eating vegetables & getting in extra training… 5 days in the south, during the holidays, will gain you some serious calories. ; )


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An actual refugee explains how difficult the process is.

Dressing vs. Stuffing. NPR’s The Splendid Table.


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