Things & Links That Are My Jam Right Now

{Things That Are My Jam}


{Future Snow}

It’s snowing up high in the mountains right now, but not as much in the valley. I bought cross country skis last winter and I’ve been itching to get them out this year. We’ve got some small flurries happening this morning, and the ponds are starting to freeze over. Winter outdoor sports will be here soon!

{The Obama/Biden Memes}

Every single one of them. The internet can be so wonderful at times… “I said what I said.” Yessss.







{The Crown}

I watched the entire 10 episode season on Netflix in about 3 days… I know some of the history, but have had a good time looking up some of the other events (because I’m a history nerd) after each episode. There’s a Vanity Fair interview with the main actress on the show below in the links, but it’s got some spoilers, so don’t read it yet if you haven’t watched the whole season. Who’s seen it so far? I want to discuss this with somebody!

The Crownvia


{Five Second Rule Game}

A family friend brought the regular version (thank goodness) over to my family’s at Thanksgiving and we had an absolute blast with it. We played in pairs and were laughing for a solid couple of hours. At my Friendsgiving the next night, we went to Target to buy the game and found the uncensored version! Of course, we had to purchase that… It was just as much fun and definitely more for a friend atmosphere, rather than family. You don’t get as many cards with the uncensored version, but it still makes for a fun game night addition.



{Christmas everything}

It’s officially December, Thanksgiving is over, and it’s time to celebrate! My Christmas playlists are on repeat, we’re putting up our tree tonight, and I’ve got several movies in the line-up: Home Alone (1 & 2), Christmas Vacation, A Smokey Mountain Christmas, The Holiday, Love Actually, etc… Bring it on, December! *Side eye to Canada’s ABC station, which showed A Charlie Brown Christmas tonight at 9pm. NINE! Too late for the kiddos to stay up for. Grrr.

Also, my man-friend made this advent calendar last night. Just whipped up this wooden tree out of nowhere. Pinterest for the win! Tango’s bummed that we’re not stocking the bags all at the same time. They’re the perfect height for him to swipe everything out of them…


{Links That Are My Jam}

Five Things You Didn’t Know About Michelle Obama. Vogue.

Badass Family Survival Tips. By Graywolf Survival.

An Interview with “The Crown” star Claire Foy. Vanity Fair. (Spoiler Alert!)

Feminism Class for Guys. By Vice.

The Best Children’s Books of 2016. NY Times.

The Future of Cuba Travel: Outside.

Bilingual Education: 6 Potential Brain Benefits. NPR.

Podcasts to Help You Make Sense of America’s Present & Future. Huffington Post.

Women: How Remote Work Helps Advance Your Career During & After Maternity Leave: Forbes.



So. Whatsho jam right now?

(Spoken like the guy on the street from Pretty Woman, “What’s yo dream?!)

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