Things of Late (via my Instagram Feed)

Instagram makes everything look better. It just does. 
Somebody made damn-near perfect Banana Bread.  #itwasme

Mid-afternoon power nap buddy, Emmy. 
I love how she always holds on to me with her paw. 
Catching lightning bugs with Churchill and Tango during our walk at dusk. 
Canada = Bear + Elk on the side of the road. 
One of my hardest working clients, Nikki 
who’s strutting her ish in pin-stripe pants she hasn’t worn in a while. 
Kickass lamp hanging at the end of a driveway in the ‘hood. 
The best rasberry this summer.

Are you on instagram? 
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  1. I love banana bread. Feel free to make me some and hand deliver it to The LPV.

  2. banana bread is my favorite. do you use a certain recipe?

  3. that is by far the best banana bread ever!

    and yay for successful clients.

    i kind of want to live somewhere where elk roam the side of the road!

    and i LOVE that pic of your napping – you look so glamorous in it!

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