Things That Are My Jam

Happy Tuesday, e’erybody! It was sooo nice to have a few days off in San Diego last week. I was able to sleep in, see some SD friends of mine and their new baby (miss you, Kelly’s!!), and get to spend some glorious time in the sun with my man-friend. The following things were my jam in San Diego:

This Boat View
and the relaxation that happened there

This Apricot Jam

These Colors 
from our walk around Del Mar

And these ones too
I was going to include photos of my insanely delicious
Fish Tacos from En Fuego, but they disappeared too soon for photos.
moving on…

This Sunset
as well as the ones the days before and after

This Sangria

And these FRIENDS! 
Thanks for a fabulous stay, as usual, Ted and Ann. 
It was awesome to see you and
we miss you already! 
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  1. My jam is that you got to spend sometime with your manfriend… and when do we get to see him???

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