Things That Are My Jam…

The following things are my JAM right now. 

1. This song.
 Y’all don’t even know how much this song is my jam right now. I danced through the entire Houston C terminal while this song was on repeat this morning. Robin Thicke… I have a new boyfriend.

2. This book. 
Loving it. Love that Robert Langdon can’t keep himself out of international trouble. It keeps me occupied and highly entertained. 

#3. This dog. 
Tango is so sweet. I’m pretty sure he tries to “tuck me in”. He always gets into bed with me and stays until I’m about to fall asleep. Then he stands up, looks back at me, then crawls into his kennel for the night. It’s the sweetest thing.

#4. This suitcase. 
I’ve only had this set for about 2 years, but it’s been on 60+ trips and starting to look worn; signs that it’s been a lot of places. Totally a good thing! 

#5. The weather! 
It’s feelin’ more like summer these days and it’s so nice to train my clients outdoors instead of inside. I like sunshine, and they love being outside after long days in the office. This is Tom, rockin’ out TRX Crossing Balance Lunges.

#6. Beignets 
I’ve been told all about Cafe Du Monde so decided to hit it up while I was in N’awlins this weekend. Wasn’t sure what a beignet was… now I’m in love. It’s basically a rectangle doughnut (but so much better) with about a pound of powered sugar on it. I also had red beans and rice for dinner, a Louisiana staple I’m told. Today’s menu: vegetables.

What’s your jam this week? 
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  1. Robin Thicke has been my jam since ‘lost without you’. love him

  2. Girl yes! Blurred Lines is amazing. I’m copying your post and went to grab your link and saw this.
    LOL. Love it! I can never get enough of Robin Thicke.

  3. Love getting new songs to listen to over here – this is def jam worthy -love it!

  4. Blurred Lines has pretty much been on repeat over here for the past month. It’s definitely my summer jam.

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