Things That Are My Jam

When a client tells me they went shopping for a new outfit and nothing fit…

because they needed SMALLER sizes!

large#victory  via

When my dog snuggles up with me.


Having awesome girlfriends that I can hang with at a ball game

on a Friday night…

photo 1

…then do yoga with on Saturday morning:

photo 3

Watching the U of L Cardinals win the game that takes them to the College World Series

ALSO: a long-time family friend got drafted to a Major League team this weekend!

photo 2

Teaching a TRX Education Course in a facility where no shoes are allowed.


photo 4

And my biggest jam?!

Knowing my man-friend is on the way to visit me RIGHT NOW! 

IMG_2185Italy 2013

He’s on a layover in Houston tonight and will be here tomorrow. Since he’s just a day away… in Houston… I’ve sang this song to him more than once today.

It’s his new favorite. #thatsalie

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