Things That Are My Jam: Oscar Edition!

I LOVE the Academy Awards. 
SO much class. So much history. 
Even though it’s really long, I love EVERY bit of it. 
Sidenote: I also despise the Oscar Haters out there, 
(unless you’re an A-list actor, stylist, or movie critic, 
shut your trap and quit being mean/judgy) 
so this post will be entirely positive.  

Things That Were My Jam About the Oscars!
1) Halle Berry.
She had to have made a deal with the devil.
Girlfriend does NOT age. 
2) Nicole Kidman
you saucy lady, you. 
3) Stacey Keibler
4) Jennifer Garner
love the color, 
love how happy she is. 
6) Knowing that my predictions were correct for: 
Best Song, Best Supporting Actress, 
Best Animated Film, Best Actress,
Best Actor AND Best Movie
(I was wrong on Best Supporting Actor. Damnit.)
7)  Jennifer Lawrence 
She’s SO awesome and genuine. 
Because that’s what happens where you’re from LOUISVILLE! 
Up top, Jen! 
And at least if you’re going to fall on television,
in front of several million viewers, 
you do it while collecting your Best Actress Academy Award. 
And telling everybody else to “suck it”. 
’cause you’re wearing a GIANT dress. 
Love her. 
8) The tribute to musicals
and the cast of Les Mis performing! 
Makes me want to see the movie again… right now. 
& lastly… 
9) Ben Affleck’s Speech
So cute. So real. So perfect. 
(there’s a commercial. sorry)

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What was your Oscar Jam?

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  1. “She had to have made a deal with the devil.Girlfriend does NOT age.” So TRUE!! She’s gorgeous. And you just have to love Jennifer Lawrence. Did you hear she gave Al Roker a shout out? Gotta love someone like that 🙂

  2. I am basically obsessed with J-Law.

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