Things That Are My Jam Right Now

Canada mittens and beanie, from my man-friend. 

Or should I say mittens and “toque“… like the Canucks do? 
Or should I say mittens and “toboggan” like most Louisvillians do?
This new Kindle cover: 

This pretty hot chocolate:

With these girls:
(after bootcamp on a snow day!)

This amazing berry cobbler my buddy Mariah made yesterday: 

And as always, Tango!
(if you can spot him!) 

Happy Tuesday!
What’s your jam right now?

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  1. i have to tell Brad the same thing: toboggan is a sled not a beanie! you Kentuckiana folk 😉

  2. Haha! I have no idea why we call it that, but we do. I had no idea (until I was in college) that only Kentucky and Tennessee use that term. : )

  3. I love Tango’s little peek-a-boo act, he’s so cute! And you’re super cute in your Canada hat too 🙂

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