Things That Are My Jam Right Now

Loving this ish: 
This Cinnamon Broom from Trader Joe’s
Wafts through the whole house and only costs $2.99
These Cinnamon Rolls that Tamara brought home
the other day… that we annihilated. It was needed. 
Hot drinks to warm me up. 
I’m going to be cold from now until March…
get used to that topic for the next few months. ; ) 

This view. All this traveling leaves me plenty of time 
to appreciate everything I see around me. 
This cocktail
All the flying also gives me rewards miles/status, 
which gives me first class upgrades, 
which allows me to enjoy free Bloody Mary’s occasionally. 

And this puppy… 

for obvious reasons. 

What’s your jam right now?

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  1. Soooooo I’m confused….
    Is the cinnamon smell wafting through the house from the broom or the rolls

  2. your blog is my jam. duh

    things that are not my jam? the amount of time it’s been since i’ve seen you…no bueno.

  3. Bloody Marys are always my jam.

  4. everytime i walk in tj’s they have those brooms right in the entrance and it smells so damn good.

  5. I am down with this post due to the presence of cinnamon and cocktails, my two loves. I need me a cinnamon broom STAT.

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