Things That Are My Jam Right Now

The following things are currently my jam: 
1. It’s Pumpkin Pie season, bitches!
This was my first one (of the year) from a couple weeks ago:

2. Yay, BOOTS! 
It’s finally time to be able to wear them and not worry about being hot/sweaty later in the day. 

3. Tango, Churchill, and standing on top of the vent when the heat is on.

4. Kelly Clarkson told all of twitter me personally
that she’s releasing a Christmas Album this year!! Pre-ordering that ish now. 


5. This pumpkin muffin mix. 
It’s about to smell delicious up in here.
Even the dogs know that. 

6. Being in single digit range in the countdown to see my man-friend!
9 days! 

What’s your jam right now? 

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  1. that pumpkin mix is my favorite. if i could marry it, i would. the chocolate chips i add to it could come too.

  2. Not a pumpkin fan, I know, shocking!! But yay for seeing your man-friend soon!

    PS: I might have to get that Christmas CD too!

  3. I’m definitely getting that Kelly Clarkson album!
    P.S. The Xmas lights are started to be strung in France. They won’t light them yet, but they’re up.

  4. It’s soooo hard not to listen to xmas music already! I always wait til after t-giving… this year’s going to be tough!
    B – you’re the 3rd person to tell me to use choc. chips! It’s happening next round! : ) #highfive

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