Things That Are My Jam Right Now

This chocolate bar. 
Chocolate. Bananas. Peanut Butter. I meeeeeeean. Got it at Whole Foods. You should do it too. Soon. 

These Cherry Tomatoes
I love that tomatoes are in season right now because I eat a lot of them. Every batch I’ve gotten at the store recently has been amazing. I usually like to get cherry ones so I can scoop up a small handful from the counter each day until they’re gone; a good snack. This batch lasted me a day and a half… they were SO perfect. 
This sweet birthday/road trip mix tape cd.
My good friend, Abby made me this! I make playlists for my classes all the time and am in kind of a playlist slump right now, so it was great to get one made for me! I played this sucker on my drive to Columbus, OH this weekend. Had a blast. It was awesome not knowing exactly what was going to be on it. Every new song that came on was a surprise! And I love surprises… 
These flowers! 
Speaking of surprises… I was in NYC on my actual birthday, so my man-friend sent me these a couple days later, once I was home to receive them! I was PUMPED. I hadn’t received flowers from a guy in YEARS so it was awesome to get some from him. I was completely surprised and giddy the rest of the day. High five, man-friend. Nice work!
This dog. 

My roommate was away at grad school all summer so it was just me and all 5 house animals all summer long. I didn’t have a whole lot of time to walk Tango and Churchill separately so they often got walked together… which was fine, just a little hectic. The Tang and I didn’t get a lot of quality time, just the two of us. Now that Tamara’s back in town, we’ve been able to spend a lot more time together lately and it’s been awesome. Our walks have been more frequent, a lot longer, and Tango’s doing really well not pulling on his leash and walking right next to me – something I’ve been trying to get him to do for the past 3.5 years. I love this dog so much.

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  1. high five man friend is right! also can we talk about how that chocolate bar sounds like perfection. nom

  2. FINE….since you’re not going to come visit me in Atlanta any time soon I will need updates on the man friend via email 🙂

    PS – you look GORG in that flower pic!

  3. Stop taunting me with Whole Foods! I can’t take it!
    P.S. Tango looks quite dashing in that photo.

  4. Ditto to what Sara said!

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