Things That Are My Jam Right Now

aka my Instagram feed from this past week…

{This National Parks Pass}


I used to have a National Parks Pass every year when I lived out west. I haven’t needed one the past few years, but with my big trip/move coming up I decided I needed one again. I LOVE that I’m going to get to see a few parks I’ve never seen before. This pass now makes it easier to afford it.

{The new iPhone earbuds case}

I’ve been dying to get the new iPhone, since my current one was over 3 years old, but have waited to bite the bullet because they’re so damn expensive. I just received it this week and was stoked to see this new carrying case designed to keep your sh** from getting tangled up. Since I use my phone all day long this is a huge problem of mine. But no longer!!!

{The Under Armour Performance Center}



After our conference in D.C. last week we headed over to Baltimore for a TRX event held at Under Armour’s Global Headquarters. They have a fitness facility that is simply amazing! We were like kids in a candy shop running all over the place there. Climbing ropes, sprinting across the wide open spaces, traveling that looooong line of monkey bars that goes down the middle of the room. Gah! Most gyms nowadays pack every square inch of their facility with machines, leaving no room for actual movement. A space like this is a trainer’s dream come true. I was also pumped to see Misty Copeland’s photo on the wall representing the dance athletes out there!

{Tango, Churchill & Sunspots}


Being out of town so much lately has left me seriously missing the animals of this household. And winter just sucks right now. It was great to spend 30 minutes on the floor in the sunspot with Tango and Churchill. I was trying to build playlists and they were trying to zap all my energy. Effers…

{My bootcampers killing it with pull-ups}

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I focus a lot of time on pull-ups in my TRX Bootcamp. We do a ton of back work and assisted pull-ups with the Suspension Trainers so that they can all progress to doing full pull-ups. Women cruise around thinking they just can’t do them, but I want to show my ladies that they CAN.  And they did. We don’t kip in my class so strict chin-ups and pull-ups are done frequently. Some with help from a spotter, but many more ladies are to the point where they don’t need one! It’s so empowering to be able to pull your own body-weight up. Way to be a BEAST, ladies!

{Being an official “presenter”}


I’ll be presenting TRX content at 3 conferences this year. My name is on the programs. People can register for my sessions, and I’ve created a new “Dance Body” workout that will debut in NYC in a couple weeks and later this summer in LA. All of the sudden I feel like a grown-up. My favorite part is having access to the presenter lounges. #freefood ; )

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