Things That Are My Jam Right Now

My BFF, Amanda.
This past year was the first in about 10 years that we’ve lived in the same city.
We get to hang on a weekly basis and it’s awesome.

Enjoying my morning cup of tea in this cute mug.

Having my car back.

Charli got side-swiped by a drunk driver (hit and run too!)
and had to be in the body shop for 9 days!
It was so great to have her back.
Lying in the front door sun spot with Tango.

Getting to get super dressed up for a fancy party in a really old mansion last weekend.


And the BEST thing right now:
spending the rest of the week with my Man-Friend,
waiting for 4 other Louisville buds to arrive here in Canada
for a ski weekend, AND getting to watch the start of the Winter Olympics!!!


It’s a good week around here.
What’s your jam this week?
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  1. my jam was face timing with a super cool blogger. 😉

  2. Totes. We’ll have to do that on the regular!

  3. oh man! so pretty in that dress. enjoy the weekend, lady!

  4. Getting closer and closer to spending time with my BFFS back in the States is my jam right now… and that means getting closer and closer to a future blate with you! 🙂

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