Things That Are My Jam This Week

I’m sick. So that’s not really my jam right now… but these things are:

1. Thrift Shop. 

I can’t get enough of this song. It’s 
on my latest workout playlist. LOVE it. 
2. NyQuil
It doesn’t cure my sickness, but it sure makes it easier to sleep.


3. Crystal!
She brought me soup on her lunch break.
Because she’s awesome like that.

Staying in bed all day is boring.
Catching up on weeks of Grey’s Anatomy,
Revenge, and The Bachelor is not.

5. Standing on our heating vents.
Our house is old so the vents are huge!
SO great on freezing days : )

6. My new coldweather headgear.
Being cold is not my jam, but the Lulu Brisk Run
Headband and Toque totally are!

7. Tango.
For obvious reasons



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  1. hahahah, we have a monitor heater and I sit directly in front of it!!

  2. I’m all about my sleepy time Advils at the moment. Otherwise I’d be up all night coughing up a lung. I swear the whole world is sick right now. I’m over it.
    P.S. love that headband.

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