Things That Are My Jam This Week

We had this little event called THE KENTUCKY DERBY 
on Saturday. It was kinda fun. And I won $190. Woot! 
But I drank a lot of bourbon over that week… #feltthatforafewdays
Blue Steele

It rained for 4 days straight but we had the most 
PERFECT weather Tues-Thurs. 
Tango and I had some sah-weet evening walks. 
The Sandlot. On dvd. 
This has always been one of my faves and I’ve never been 
able to find it in stores. #yourekillinmesmalls
Amazon to the rescue! 
And THIS video. 
I can’t… the CUTENESS… I just can’t. 
Watch it. 
Happy Friday, guys! 
What was your jam this week? 
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  1. Sexiest blue steele ever. x.

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