Things That Are My Jam Today

All that lead up with big news and then I leave you hangin’ for a week. 
My bad. Anyway… 
Things That Are My Jam Today: 
1. Unbroken
Recommended by Bridget,  this was the best book I’ve read since The Help. It’s written by Laura Hillenbrand, who also wrote Seabiscuit and it’s AH-mazing. A true story about a man who went from an Olympic ahtlete to a drafted military bombardier whose plane crashes in enemy territory during WWII. This book is one of those that, even if you have a spare two minutes before you walk out the door, you pull out of your bag to squeeze a few more pages in. This is a great read for the fellas too (you know: war, crashes, bombs, etc)! Thanks for the rec, Bridge! 
2. My nephew, Jaxson in his “Ninja Lloyd” Halloween costume. 
The moment I said, “let me get your picture” he struck this pose without missing a beat. 
That’s being in character.
3. My new kicks
It’s really hard for me to find a pair of running shoes that I like. I want minimalist shoes, but I also need a little padding for days when I’m on my feet for hours. These K Swiss ones feel good. And they get bonus points for matching my TRX ish. They lose a few of those points though because of the two foot long shoe strings… I meeeeeeean 
4. Getting a girl’s day with Jenn and Christy last week! 
We just hung out, shot the ish, and made cinnamon rolls. Yay for a few hours with the girls. 
5. Tango
He’s SO cute. This was him keeping watch and waiting for Trick-or-Treaters last week. 
6. My special man-friend
Yep. I’m dating somebody. He doesn’t live near me. BUT I’m heading his way to visit for a few days. Right now. 
Photos and deets to come later (gotta keep you guys interested somehow). 
Have a great week, everybody! 
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  1. Good luck with seeing your man friend! I had a man friend I met on a cruise that lived a 20 hour drive away. I married him. 🙂

    Also, I am glad you wrote about Unbroken because I have it checked out on my Ipad right now and will read it on a Thanksgiving vacation drive!

  2. I hope your next few days goes well for you!

  3. Your pup is so sweet! Glad someone was watching out for those scary Trick-or-Treaters. Have fun visiting your man! Excited to read about him!

  4. yay for going to see your man!!! i need details!

    those shoes are hot!!
    tango is a sexy beast!
    your newphew is the bomb
    and everytime i hear “my jam” or “ish” i think of you <3 🙂

  5. Love the new kicks and excited to “meet” your new man!

  6. Your special ‘man-friend’… I love it!
    Hope you’re having the BEST time!

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