Things That Were/Are My Jam

First off: Happy Monday! 
It’s been a little bit since those regular posting days
(like I ever posted regularly!)
so I have a small goal of one post per day this week…
I’m just putting that out there so I’m more likely to do it. 
Things That Were/Are My Jam 
My BFF and her sweet little Henry
This sweet new dress I got when we went outlet shopping! 
Sent this photo to Amanda to ask her opinion #JustifiedSelfie

Taking my Swiss Army knife to a bonfire 
for the sole purpose of using the wine screw part 

Takes a little elbow grease though…
thanks to Abby and Alison

It was warm enough in Whistler to lay out for 20 minutes
 (after the being in the jacuzzi for an hour).
I know it looks like I’m topless… I’m not. #swear

This INSANE bellini (that came with a gummy worm!)
that I drank with dinner over a 22 hour quick rendezvous 
with my man-friend in Vancouver

Being in the ‘ville this weekend to catch
my Sipiniski buds kill it at at the Derby Volleyball Tournament

A some quality time with the Tang

What’s your jam at the moment? 
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  1. I think I’m going to start carrying around gummy worms so I can slip them into my cocktails 🙂

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