This week’s letters…

Dear The North Face,

Thanks for sending Alex Honnold and Chris Weidner to Louisville this past weekend. Sufferfest 2 was awesome. Not that I’ll ever be climbing 5.13 desert towers or anything, but it inspired me to up my climbing game. It was also pretty fun to get to hang with these guys.

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Dear Clouds,

It’s not me, it’s you. I’d be really appreciative if you would get the hell out of here. You’ve been around far too much lately and you’re stifling me.  #buhbye


Dear Delta Airlines,

Thanks for not charging me the $200 cancellation fee on a $195 flight. You are my jam.


Dear United Airlines,

You are usually good to me like this but your boy on customer service yesterday would not budge. He is not my jam.


Dear Matt,

Congrats on your engagement to Crystal!!! I can’t wait for your wedding and I’m super glad my friend is so happy. If you mess that up, you’ll have a lot of people to answer to sooooooo don’t. ; )


Dear The Stationary Bike,

You are usually not my jam, but since my foot/ankle is all jacked up and weight bearing moves are not happening right now, I appreciate that I can use you and simultaneously read my Outside Magazine and IDEA Fitness Journal. High five for efficiency. #gladgame


Dear JB, Jenn, Christy, and B-ryan,

It’s been 8 years since we got to hang on a regular basis. I’m glad that last Saturday night was just as fun as if no time had passed at all. Y’all are my jam. And so are your kiddos. They make me laugh.

Love, DanceFlash

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  1. Great post! Sorry Delta was not your jam 🙁

    • Ami says

      It’s all good. Delta WAS my jam. United wasn’t. Hope you’re well, girl! 🙂

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