This Workout Playlist Makes Me Wanna Strut My Ish

I swear… if I had a runway right here, right now, I’d strut all over it. That’s what this playlist makes me feel like. Whenever I make a new one, I listen to it and workout to it myself first. I want to make sure it pumps ME up before I play it in class… well I was walking the dogs as a warm-up yesterday before I started my run and was totally strutting and “kick ball-changing” my way through the ‘hood. It was supes fun. 

Here it is. Get after it!  
As always, playlists are an hour long
and include slower cool-down/stretch music at the end.
These two cool-down songs are GREAT! 
Yay for new Sara Barellis and 
you just can’t go wrong with Xavier Rudd. 

*and I’m a little ashamed to have 3 Ke$ha songs on here,
but damn that album of hers is catchy! 
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  1. oh hey new playlist! yes please 🙂

  2. Nice! I’ll be working out with this this morning 🙂

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