Let’s Discuss: The Crown, Seasons 1 & 2


Spoiler alerts here, so don’t even think about reading this post unless you’ve either seen the entire series, or you already know everything there is to know about the royal family’s history…

If you’re like me and have been binge watching the new season of The Crown (and hitting pause a couple times every episode to Google as much info as you can to corroborate), you’re SO ready to discuss. Here are my thoughts on the series so far:

Season 1

  • It would really suck to have you father die AND inherit the crown all at the same time. The life of sovereigns, man… brutal.
  • The opening music gets me every time. Love it. Good ol’ Hans Zimmer never disappoints.
  • How do you get to be the prince of Greece AND Denmark?
  • Liz, you’re the QUEEN. Can’t you change some of these rules?! Martin was way cooler than Tommy.
  • Margaret got the shaft. No crown, no freedom, and not being able to marry the man she loved. I get why she’s the wild one.
  • But can we talk about her wardrobe?! She kills a sleeveless outfit every time.
  • I love that they had a home video camera. (I just watched a BBC special from her 90th birthday where they showed a bunch of their old videos. It’s also on Netflix in case you want to forfeit more of your life to the couch.)
  • SO MANY CIGARETTES. It’s a wonder anybody made it past 40.
  • Of all the Winston Churchills I’ve ever seen I think John Lithgow’s was pretty great.
  • Besides Elizabeth, what did these people do every day? I read Phillip was on something like 800 committees, but still. I thought I lost my shit after not working for a year. I can’t imagine 7 decades…I’ll have to do some more searching.
  • I wonder what the real people whose lives are being portrayed here think about this whole series. I would be pissed. People think they know who you are, but very few people really know who you are.

Season 2

  • I love how much everybody loves tea. That’s one of my favorite things while traveling in Europe and Asia.
  • I hate how everybody’s pissed at Elizabeth for being lenient with Edward, but they never thought to tell her what he did until way later.
  • I was totally on Edward & Wallis’s side this whole time until I found out they were Nazi supporters hangin’ with Hitler. Damn you both! I’m glad you were exiled.
  • Elizabeth is such a badass.
  • I can’t believe those dudes had a duel.
  • Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, Balmoral Castle… So many residences it’s hard to keep them all straight.
  • Where are their children?!
  • That episode about Charles & his school… whew. Mean dads are the worst.
  • When she called the Prime Minister weak! HA!
  • Where I have been in regards to¬†their other two kids? I thought it was just Charles and Anne. Shows how much I know. Sorry, Andrew & Edward!
  • Did some more google-ing and saw Andrew was the one married to Fergie. Now I remember!
  • This whole thing finally gets me interested¬†in William & Harry.
  • I’m so glad I’m not famous/royalty. Aside from the money, it would really suck to have everybody scrutinizing you every day of your life.
  • It’s a good thing these Netflix series are only 8 – 10 episodes. This shit gets outta control real quick.
  • OK, I’m ready for Season 3. Right now.


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