TIckets Booked!

We couldn’t make it back to San Diego and L.A. for the holidays this year, but we’ll be there just a couple weeks later! We were finally able to work out our schedule and our tickets are booked! We’ll see you, left coast, from January 13th-18th!

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  1. Woo hoo to the west side!
    p.s. I do care! Can’t wait to see what you cake and if you tried one of my recipes! and also I saw Black Swan last night! Totally intense but holy moly Natalie Portman is A.Mazeballs!
    xox tash

  2. Awesome! Yes, I’ll have my cousin (who has the good camera and camera skills) take photos tomorrow! I’m BUMMED. The Black Swan isn’t playing in Louisville anytime soon. WTH?

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