Tips from a Figure Competitor

Shana Martin is a fellow TRX Master Trainer and also a nationally ranked fitness competitor. (She’s ALSO a 5 time Lumberjack Sports champion – how effing cool is that?)
She’s also my bud… here’s proof:
Here she is talking about 3 TRX moves you can do to improve your strength. A common misconception that women have when wanting to “tone up” is that they want to drop fat around their muscles, not build muscle so they don’t get big/bulky. Well, you actually need to build muscle first. You don’t have big muscles to start with, so building them is what makes them show. Also, building muscle burns fat in a serious way. So if you’re spending all your time on the treadmill or walking, instead of lifting your own bodyweight, don’t expect to “tone up”. You need to build some strength! Just sayin’
Girlfriend, Shana here has some serious strength,
is super lean,
but doesn’t look creepy or bulky.
Case in point.
Watch this:
So that’s Shana. And those are a couple tips. Go do some work!
She also does a lot of work for the Huntington’s Disease Society of America.
You can donate here if you’re feeling awesome and giving today.
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