To Wyoming with Jenn! And my Road Trip Tips

Jenn and I are heading west today!
With Jazz Hands!!
Our Plan:
We’re going to haul ass to Wyoming 
hopefully arriving Tuesday,
to reunite her with her hubs,
and have some fun in the Tetons
for a hot second
until I have to go to San Fran on Thursday…
I’ve done LOTS of roadtrips, 
including 3 across the country. 
You can have a kick-ass road trip
or you can have a crap road trip. 
Ami’s 10 Best Ways 
To Ensure You Have 
A Kick-Ass Roadtrip: 

1. Choose a low-maintenance road trip buddy(ies) 
Road trips are usually long, with not a lot to do, so make sure you’re traveling with a friend/friends that are ok with that. If they’re not good in small spaces or not ok with having nothing to do for a while, maybe have them fly out and meet you at your destination instead. There’s nothing worse than being stuck with somebody who’s not having fun and being a downer. 
2. Have many playlists on hand. 
One minute you’re going to be stoked and want fun/upbeat music, but a few hours in, you’ll probably want to chill out. Have a few different types of music on hand so you can choose what you want to listen to when you’re in different moods. Pandora is great for this, with its many stations but you might not always have reception to stream music from your smart phone. 
3. Know your route/stops ahead of time. 
You don’t need to plan your exact route and places to stop because it usually changes once you get going, but at least have an idea. You don’t want to be lost/off track on your first day —-> Buzzkill. 
4. Discuss budget ahead of time. 
Everybody in the car needs to agree on how much they’re spending and who’s responsible for what when it comes to how much money you’ll need. How are you splitting gas? Will you pay for hotel rooms and stop at sit-down restaurants along the way or are you camping and eating Taco Bell? Either way, make sure everybody’s on the same page from the start. 
5. Be open to change. 
Traffic happens, routes change, schedules get delayed. Be ok with this because there’s NOTHING you can do about it once you’re on the road. Know how to go with the flow so you’re not the crabby dude in the car! —> refer back to #1. 
6. Be ok with silence
Words don’t have to fill every minute of the drive. Don’t feel awkward to stay silent for a while, especially if your trip lasts several days. You don’t want to be the annoying one in the car that won’t shut up. 
7. Have some padding in your schedule. 
It’s best to have some padding just in case you get the urge to do more than you planned on your trip, or take a different route that will add extra miles/time. You don’t want to be rushed if you don’t have to be. 
8. Plan fun things. 
If you’re in a time crunch and even if you only have a 10 minute stop here or there, try to plan it so there’s a little fun on your trip. Pull over to see the world’s largest ball of twine, the smallest cow, or any other town’s claim to fame. You’ll have a fun photo, a fun story, then get back on the road. Don’t make it just driving! 
9. Have games on hand! 
Take it back to your childhood days. Play the out-of-state license plate game, car bingo, Mad Libs, etc. See how many truckers you can get to honk their horns at you (without getting propositioned to flash your junk). Truth or dare is a fun car game as well. Whatever you do, don’t forget to have fun. And adding a little competition to your trip never hurt anyone… ; ) 
10. Have an awesome end of trip celebration. 
Give yourself a way to celebrate once you’ve made it to your destination. Pop open a drink, go play outside, celebrate with a nice dinner. Either way, congratulate yourselves on a trip well traveled! 
Moral of the story: 
Pick awesome buds
and be mellow. 
Here we go! 
Happy Summer and Road Tripping everybody! 
See you in a few days! 

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  1. Be OK with silence is such a big one! I’m definitely OK with silence, and there is nothing worse than traveling with someone who is not.
    Have fun!

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