Today was the BEST weather day of this summer. 
It was gorgeous outside this morning and only about 68 degrees! 
Tango and I got to cruise the park after my morning clients.

He got to hang out of the window (since it wasn’t 91,000 damn degrees out 
and I didn’t have to run the a/c on power ranger). 

And his ear flew up in the wind like Batman. That’s my favorite.

It was awesome being able to take my lunchtime bootcampers outside to play in the sunshine without suffocating in the humidity and the 110 heat index. We played a fun warm-up game in the grass. I call it “Secret Handshake” where we have partners and come up with ridiculous stuff like high fives, low fives, belly bumps, booty bumps, hopping in circles, etc. It ends up being a super funny secret handshake (like the kind you did when you were a kid) and it’s a more entertaining way to warm up than running or jumping jacks. Everybody was laughing, joking and then we ended it all with a booty bump with our partners. But as I bootybumped one of the bootcampers I landed on some uneven ground and my ankle went all the way to the right. And then all the way to the left. And I hit the deck as soon as my body would let me to get all the weight off it. And I knew I’d sprained the shit out of it. 

So my awesome bootcampers ran and got me ice and I continued to teach the entire class from a picnic table. Then they packed up all my gear and gave me a ride home since I couldn’t dorsiflex or plantar flex my foot enough to drive. They were awesome and really sweet to me. I spent the rest of the afternoon RICEing my ankle (RICE=Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) until I had to get up and get ready for my evening bootcamp class. I couldn’t put ANY weight onto this foot without wanting to cut a bitch so I had to put a Facebook call out for anybody that could let me borrow crutches. Luckily, thanks to the power of the almighty Facebook, I had a pair about 30 minutes later. 
Then one of my bootcampers gave me a ride to and from class. 
Then my BFF came over to take me to Urgent Care to get my ish XRay’ed. I knew they were just going to tell me that it was sprained and to RICE it, but I wanted to have them wrap it up for me. AND I had about 5 fitness friends send me horror stories about them thinking it was sprained, not going to the doctor, and then finding out that they’d broken bones in their foot/ankle afterward. WTH?! So to the doc we went. No broken bones! And they wrapped my ankle! Feeling better. 
And to those I owe a TON of thanks for today, 
You guys have no idea how these things helped me out today. 
(And I think you know I’d really do this for you… if I could stand on both feet…)
So thank you to Duane, Nikki, Kathy, Chris, and Silas
 for having my back and helping through the lunchtime class. 
Thank you to Susie who brought me crutches. They were a life saver! 
Thank you to Carrie for picking my janky ass up and taking me home for the evening class. 
And thank you to my BFF, Amanda for taking me to urgent care at 8pm,  keeping me company while at the doc’s office, and helping me with 85 things around the house afterwards. 
You’re the bomb. Swear.
How was your day? I hope less eventful than mine…
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  1. ahhh man, bummer deal. sprained ankles are the worst. mine do it so easily now after years of volleyball and track too! heal up quickly!

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