Too much turkey…

The tryptophan proved to be too much for the Tang… : )
*note the amazing T-day bandana he got from the groomer this week
from last year to help you
stay out of the same boat as Tango.
Happy eating!
Tango and I hope you all have the best holiday weekend
and hope you get to spend it with ones you love!
(If you happen to be in the U.S. and celebrate Thanksgiving)
I’m off to the Bahamas tonight
to hang with some friends
after I celebrate the holiday with my fam.
See you guys Sunday!
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  1. hope you had a great thanksgiving AND a fabulous time in the bahamas……this now means i have to spray tan since you’ll be all brown-sugared up when you come to ATL this weekend 🙂 EEEEK! Can’t wait!!

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