Travel Ish…

A bunch of random photos from my travels the past two weeks: 
Cleveland, OH: 
A free bottle of wine waiting in my room for me, 
courtesy of Marriott Hotels. 
Yay for being a frequent traveler. 
Sidenote: Using my hotel time to get a jumpstart on Christmas cards: A good idea.
Writing said cards while on your 3rd glass of wine: Not as good of an idea. 
I’m not Type A at all
but this photo would suggest otherwise. 
This is how I unpack my toiletries as soon as I get to my room. 
Every time. 
Evansville, IN:
My new favorite hotels are ones that have fireplaces burning in your room when you arrive. 
High Five, Marriott Residence Inn. 
I’ve never had this before. A wonderful addition. 

Baltimore, MD:
Some rental cars are more difficult to figure out than others. 
Take this Fiat, for example. 
With it’s window button on the right, in the center console. 
And it taking me a couple minutes to figure out how to roll the window down
for the Rental Lot attendant to give me my paperwork. 

I finally opened the door out of frustration. 
Then she told me where it might be. 
“Oh. Thanks.” 
Ah the joys of being a “business traveler” : ) 
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  1. totally lay out my toiletries the same way, but then again some may describe me as type A…

  2. Wine and roaring fires waiting for you are certainly a nice touch, gold star for you Marriot.
    And I fell in love with you a little bit when saw how you layed out your toiletries, you’re a girl after my own ocd heart.

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