Travel Thoughts: Austin, Texas

I just returned from a week in Austin for a work trip and realized while I was having all these thoughts that I hadn’t done one of these ‘travel thoughts’ posts in a long time – several years, to be exact. So without further ado, here’s a list of stuff going through my head whilst cruising around Texas. 

  • I’m only an hour away from Waco? Do I have to time to go to the Silos and meet Chip & Jo? At least come home with some southern Magnolia decor for the house?
  • I’m thoroughly enjoying these roads that run parallel to the freeway that make entering and exiting I-35 super fast and easy. Efficiency is my jam. Every town should do this.
  • There’s not enough time to go see San Antonio either. I’ve always wanted to cruise the River Walk (and see Sara). One of these days…
  • Downtown Georgetown is super cute.
  • Live Oaks are some of the most relaxing trees to have in your yard, other than Willows.
  • Why do they make toll roads where NOBODY IS IN THE TOLL BOOTH? Now I have to get online and figure out how to pay this $0.75 toll fee. Eyeroll.
  • I’m glad you’re getting more freeway lanes, Austin, because you’re crowded AF.
  • Bring on the heat and humidity. I don’t need to straighten my hair. It’s fine.
  • There really is a point where you can eat so much you don’t actually NEED food.
  • I ate so much Mexican food, I didn’t need anything for about a day and a half…
  • I could live here.
  • Southern towns are the best. Music. Food. Bourbon.


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  1. Bethany Sink says

    Lynn and I tried to figure out if we could squeeze in a trip to Waco as well!

    • Haha! Right?! If I’d had one more day… and a little more sleep… I would have done it! #magnolia4life

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