Travel Thoughts: Baaahston

  • “I’m shippin’ off to Boston, whooooooooah. Shippin’ off to Boston, to find my way!”
  • It’s like I’m in The Departed…
  • I really wish I could do a Boston accent.
  • Have I mentioned how much I hate toll booths?
  • Rental car peeps usually offer me toll pass thingys when I’m in a place with lots of toll booths, but I didn’t get offered one, so I’m guessing no tolls.
  • 30 seconds out of the airport: Toll Booth, $3.50. I have $4.00. Whew.
  • Pumped my buddy, Don that I worked with in San Diego is in Boston for work too! Dinner and drinks!
  • F. ‘nother toll booth. $1.25. We have no cash. I wrestle up the change from the bottom of my purse. 2 minutes, $1.25 in nickles and dimes. The peeps behind me are loving me now.
  • “can I get a receipt?” Damn straight I’m expensing this. These bitches add up.
  • Me to Don: “should we act like Bostonians tonight, accents and all?”
  • Don to me: “well since your KY accent is now thicker than ever… I’m gonna say no.”
  • Why are there no lane lines in this city?! are there two lanes? three? wtf?!
  • No big. we’re good. made it. fun night. back to the work part.
  • I really like teaching these TRX courses. My job rules.
  • Super fun group of trainers today, only one with a true Boston accent. Dang.
  • Trainer at the end of the day: “you’re the best!”
  • My reply: “no, you ahh!” hehehe
  • Trainers: certified. My job is done here.
  • Balls. I gotta re-fill the gas tank! (I parked a little too close to the curb).
  • I hate that you never know which side of the car your gas tank is on until you’ve already parked and gotten out.
  • F! While trying to squeeze my arse into the itty bitty space I left myself, I hit the left side of my head on the car door trying to get in.
  • Which caused me to pull away fast, subsequently hitting the right side of my head on the car itself. Ahhhsome.
  • Totally thought I’d be fine flying without my Xanax. Wrong. Mental note to call the doc on Monday for a re-fill.
  • Windy, scary flights: not ahhhsome.
  • Until next time, Beantown. You were wicked ahhsome.
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  1. Wicked ahhsome! Ha Ha! Love it! Love Boston (the site of my mini-moon)

  2. ahh i want to visit boston! loved reading your random thoughts, so amusing 🙂

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