Travel Thoughts: Cincinnati

When I travel for TRX, I usually pull/fly into town, get to my hotel, sleep, teach my class the next day and go straight to the airport to come back home. Every now and then though, I get to go to cities where I have friends. This is awesome. This time, I got to meet up with my old college chum, Matty.

Our Background:
We had a class together called
Teaching Individual and Dual Sports: Tennis, Golf, and Badminton.
An entire semester of listening to our professor say the words
shaft, shuttlecock, balls, head, etc.
I’m not lying.
It was amazing.
Fast forward to Friday night and him taking me to a restaurant called “The Senate” because he loves to go to himself knows his friends/visitors will love it when they come to town.
Introducing: “The Senate
where they make abnormally large
gourmet hotdogs
with fun names.
He had the Trailer Park.
I had the Lindsey Lohan.
I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting to like mine because ordinarily, I eat maybe 1 hotdog a year. At a baseball game. With ketchup only. But it was pretty fantastic. I’d go back in a heart beat. And they had an awesome mix of music playing, classic movies on a flatscreen, and amazing warm/modern decor.
Since I didn’t have a ton of time to hang, and because I needed to be in bed by 10, we stopped for one drink at a bar called Japps. It’s been around since the 1800s. Old as ish.
But just so you all know:
Don’t ever order a drink with Rose Water as one of the ingredients.
It sounded whimsical.
It’ll just mean your drink is going to taste like perfume…
but it’ll look pretty.
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  1. Ha Ha- drinks that taste like perfume do not sound enticing! Glad you got to hang out with your friend though. It must make your travels much more fun!

  2. that restaurant looks epic!

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