Travel Thoughts – Jersey

*I had no idea Newark was so close to NYC. Next time I’ll come early to mingle/dance/shop.

*Yay for getting to spend 4 hours in NYC!
*Thank you, Lululemon Soho for my new black Dance Studio II pants. Love them.
*NJ has was too many toll booths on the Turnpike.
*They should have signs that tell you how much moo-lah you’re gonna have to fork over.
*Good thing I paid for our dinner with my card and Marcus gave me cash, or else I would not have even had $ for the tolls. Whew!
*Why the heck are there SO MANY forks in the road here? There’s one every mile, I swear.
*I’d heard this myth that in NJ the attendants pump your gas for you.
*It’s not a myth, it’s true! What’s the etiquette here? Do you tip them?
*Trip alert texts are awesome to tell you your flight has been delayed.
*Except for when they lie. It’s a good thing I went to the gate anyway. Flight on time. Whew.
*People in NJ are surprisingly nicer than I would have imagined.
*Love the spin class poster at the gym: “Ride it like you stole it!” Clever and witty.
*The trainers I trained this weekend are awesome. My job rules.
*The Mercury Milan is a really nice rental car: heated seats and a TON of buttons to push. Yes!
*Drawback: too many buttons make it difficult to find the button you need, while driving.
*I think the lady at the Avis counter exploited the fact that she has a foreign accent.
*One car, one day + 3 hours +a ton of coverage I didn’t ask for = $364. Bitch.
*My plane didn’t crash. Success.
*Back home with my boys. Sweet.
*Boston this weekend. Bring it.
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  1. love this list- i grew up in nj… didn’t pump my own gas till i moved here. dumb massachusetts!
    and yes! i will see u this weekend!

  2. “My plane didn’t crash. Success” Funny!!
    Have fun in Boston! 🙂

  3. You always notice all the little things Ami! NYC is the best.

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