Travel Thoughts – L.A.

  • Is it me or does anybody else instantly feel fancy and imporant when they’re in big cities?
  • I feel like this when I’m in NYC too.
  • Oh hay-ell yeah it’s 76 degrees out! Suck it, Louisville weather.
  • Subcompact car rental – $40. Not bad.
  • Getting the huge, free upgrade because of lack of subcompacts! SCORE.
  • Hello lots of buttons!
  • I kind of wish it were cold for a few minutes so I could enjoy the heated seats. Dang.
  • Holy cow, I’m going the speed limit! Yay for everybody moving!
  • I can’t believe I just went 5 miles on the 405 with no traffic! Woo hoo!
  • Jesus H. Christ, I hate traffic in this damn city.
  • Having family that lives 2 blocks from the Pacific kicks ASS.
  • Very lucky I have cool in-laws.
  • Yay beach time. I’m also a slightly darker shade of Ivory.
  • Yay for new Lulu pants and top!
  • Holy shit, I just got from Redondo Beach to West Hollywood in 35 minutes.
  • I must be lucky.
  • I heart Barry’s Bootcamp. You should go. My photo is up on the wall still!
  • Not my first hike in LA, but my first hike to the Hollywood sign!
  • Yay for meeting other bloggers! I love Tash from The Chirpy Bird. Follow her, she’s Fantastic!
  • She says “fanTAStic” a lot in her cute little Australian accent.
  • Holy shit, I just went from Hollywood to Redondo Beach in 40 minutes. At 2pm.
  • That’s not luck, that’s MAD driving skill.
  • Car rental back 2 minutes late. No charge for a second day. Whew.
  • Oh Hey, Lance Bass.
  • Jimmy Fallon is following me on Twitter! Holy Crap!
  • I’m pretty sure all of this means I’m a celebrity now.
  • 2 and a half days is not long enough. Missing 3 very important people! Next time though.
  • Onto San Diego!
image via my iPhone : )
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  1. you are hilarious! glad you’re enjoying the big city (minus the traffic!):)

  2. haha. loved this list. i would pee my pants with joy if i went from Redondo Beach to West Hollywood in 35 minutes! glad you had a great time on the west coast.
    ps. i’m reading “water for elephants” and it’s really good.

  3. ahahaha I love you! I do say Fan-Tas-Tic a lot! ahaha
    Come back soon!!

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