Travel Thoughts: New Orleans

The last time I went to New Orleans I only had a couple hours to cruise around and check things out during a late night. I hit up a couple jazz bars and maneuvered my way through tons of partying (drunk) tourists.  This time, I still only had a few hours, but they were in the early evening on Saturday night, a much different experience as the bar-hoppers weren’t out just yet and it was mostly tourists like me, enjoying the laid-back evening and taking it all in. Since I didn’t have much time, I headed straight for the French Market. I wanted a drink, I wanted to try the world-famous beignets at Cafe Du Monde, and I wanted to enjoy the perfect 78 degree weather while people watching – my favorite thing to do when I’m traveling. 
Louisiana Lemonade
at Market Cafe
Stopping in at Cafe Du Monde! 
These were better than you could even imagine. 

I love having nowhere to be 
and people watching in different cities.

 Cruising Decatur St. 

The food. The people. The weather. The energy. It’s all got an electric feeling to it. 
It’s just so unlike other places in the states. There’s SO much culture.
New Orleans is definitely one of my favorite cities in this country.
And here’s a fun article about 10 Things New Orleans had before anybody else!
Like cocktails! And Jazz! #thisplaceiszesty
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  1. people watching is never not fun!

  2. I love New Orleans! I’ve only been one, a long time ago, but I loved it! I think on my next trip back to Texas I’ll have to take my husband on a road trip there 🙂

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