Travel Thoughts – NYC

Normally I would list all my thoughts on my trip this weekend, but there were just too many and you would get tired of reading them and be over me. And un-follow me. Well, if you even follow me to begin with…

NYC was amazing, as always. It was cold, but actually not as bad as I had anticipated. I got to stay with my friend, Annie, who I danced with in college, catch up with her, and hang with our friend, Jeff who is Annie’s BFF and also went to the same college.
My course was a bit crazy Friday but turned out great as usual. It was also located right across the street from a very large H & M. I was this close to going over on our lunch break, but knew I’d probably be in there way too long, so I resisted. Besides, I need to shop for Christmas gifts, not things for myself.
I got to see my friend, Marcus who I’ve told you about before. We were supposed to go out dancing but since I was sick, I could barely do anything so we didn’t. I’m sorry, Marcus! I’m also sorry I didn’t text you when I got back home that night (he worries about me and the subway alone). I DID text you, I just didn’t send the text. I was tired!
And thank you to my new iPhone app, iTrans NYC. It made navigating the city subways and buses way easy and I’m pretty sure I looked like a local… not a confused tourist with a perplexed look on her face, trying to decide which train to take and which side of the platform to stand on. Oh yes. Call me a New Yorker. Pshaw.
No shopping or shows as it was a very quick trip. I had to get back for a wedding last night.
P.S. You’ve got a very fun wedding dance video coming soon!
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