Travel Thoughts NYC/Stamford CT

warning: this is a long one.

  • “let’s hear it for Neeeew Yooooooooooork. concrete jungle where dreams are maaaaade of, there’s nothin you caaaaan’t do”
  • I always get songs stuck in my head when I travel.
  • I love that my friend, Annie lives 1.2 miles away from LGA. I can drive and NOT get stuck in traffic.
  • Annie is the ish. Dance stories from college days in Pittsburgh never get old. Ever.
  • try on costumes for your next performance? oh yes. photos to come…
  • yay for Irish pubs. The bartender just hooked me up with a hand-drawn map of places to go/not to go in Ireland for our trip next month. Sah-weet.
  • iTrans NYC app is THE best for getting around in NYC. I don’t have to stand there looking like a tourist when I’m getting around this city.
  • how many times have I been to NY? a million.
  • how many times have I seen the Statue of Liberty, Empire State Bldg? 0.
  • I gotta get my tourist on one of these days…
  • 10 pm is way too late for me to head out to a party. But this is NY so I’m rallying. And I haven’t seen my friend Travis for 2 years.
  • how in the hell do people sleep on subways and still manage to wake up when their stop is up?!
  • so sleepy. keep eyes open. good thing my stop is the last one on the line.
  • Hey there 6am. Stamford, CT here I come.
  • Forgot wallet! F@#%!!!!!! Turn around, fly back inside. grab wallet. run back out.
  • can’t they just put up a sign that says how many tollbooths are coming up and how much they each are? helps me prep.
  • TRX course went well. New instructors are now certified. Booyah.
  • my buddy Ben just happens to be in Stamford with his Mom! 1 mile away from this gym!
  • small world. 2 minute hello then back to NY.
  • I forget that my rental cars never have tinted windows, like my car.
  • DON’T pick your nose. people will see you.
  • let’s rally to go out tonight! or let’s watch War of the Worlds and Cash Cab all piled up on the couch. better.
  • dancer friends are awesome. they’re just different. it’s like an entirely different species of people. this makes me want to move to NY to dance with them.
  • almost.
  • another late night. another early morning. 7am flights on Sunday suck.
  • short lines at LaGuardia security do not suck. maybe I’ll keep having early flights…
  • so long, NY.
  • being home at 11am on Sunday in order to enjoy the day, hike with Tango, Sarah, and Dasher rules.
  • 3 hour nap later…
  • sunburn. color. ready for the week ahead.
  • deep breath.
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  1. such a full weekend, those are the best kind! glad it was so fun 🙂

  2. LOL. Love the narration! Great blog!


  3. I love early morning flights, far less hassle and getting back home early in the day is bonus 🙂
    And horray for the Irish pub guy! xo

  4. haha love it.. hope it was a great trip! thanks for stopping by my blog. yours is great and now following!


  5. ugh i hate that u cant pick your nose in public.

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