Travel Thoughts – San Francisco

  • I love San Francisco. Especially when it’s 45 degrees warmer than the Ville.
  • the BART is SOOOO much better than most subways in big cities. It’s warm, the seats are big, and it’s rarely packed.
  • That could have something to do with the fact that I’m on it at either midnight or 6 a.m. each time… but that’s neither here nor there.
  • TRX. 3 days, 8 or 9 hours each each day, I’m going to be sore.
  • I’ll also be a better presenter/trainer/person come Monday.
  • Come Monday, it’ll be alright, come Monday, I’ll be holding you tight…
  • I frickin’ love these other instructors. We’ve got a good crew here. They’re all SO much better presenters than me.
  • Task: Present to all these other presenters that have WAY more experience than me? Sure, no pressure.
  • I wish I would have paid more attention in my public speaking class in college. Maybe this wouldn’t feel so daunting.
  • Todd Durkin is speaking at our dinner tonight. Yesssss.
  • Don’t know Todd Durkin? Well, he’s trained a lot of people, including the past two Super Bowl MVPs. He’s pretty awesome. And motivating.
  • My list of books to read has just increased by 5.
  • Yep, definitely sore.
  • Team building Flag Football? Sure!
  • I’ve never seen an entire football game in my life. Or been to one. This should be fun.
  • “Ami! BLITZ!!!”
  • “Nick, OK! What does that MEAN?!!!!!!”
  • I’ll just run back and forth and look busy. Thank you, Fitness Anywhere for bringing kegs.
  • Day 3. Exhausted. Time change is kickin’ my ass.
  • Final day presenting challenge: Speak for 10 minutes on your life passion. Go.
  • This is gonna get heavy.
  • Tears, group hugs, we are now closer. And we’ve all got issues.
  • Why the F did I book a 7am flight? The BART doesn’t even run until 6am. Super Shuttle it is… for $17. And a pick up time at 4:55 a.m. Awesome.
  • YAWN. Super Shuttle 20 minutes late. I could have slept 20 more minutes. grrr.
  • Valentine’s Day = Free ‘adult’ beverage on Southwest Airlines. Yes please.
  • Oh I remember why I made my flight so early… I’ll get to spend a few hours with Conrad tonight for once. Yessss. Happy V-Day, peeps.
  • Pilots, do a good job.
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  1. You’re just gorgeous you gorgeous thing!
    xx tash

  2. “I’ll just run back and forth and look busy”… LOVE IT!

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