Travel Thoughts – SD

  • Two days wasn’t enough in LA but glad we’re headed to San Diego for a couple!
  • Really wish I hadn’t left my underwear and sandal in the rental car seat.
  • My bag fell over with a change of clothes in it, I wasn’t getting wild. Calm it down, people.
  • We scored the most PERFECT weather! 76 and Sunny.
  • Guys wanna surf? That’s OK. I’ll lay here and tan. Yesss.
  • Manhattan pizza in Encinitas, Las Olas margaritas in Cardiff. This girl’s gotta go for a run.
  • Text from the sister in law: “We found your underwear, they’re in dad’s car.” Perfect.
  • Get your heads out of the gutter. Conrad picked me up from the rental place in his dad’s car.
  • Not having a rental car here kinda sucks.
  • Yay Danielle, Brenna, Troy, Sarah, Joe afternoon!
  • Ted and Ann are the ish. I love their place in Del Mar. Love their friendship. Love Ann’s cooking.
  • My new goal in life is to have a shower with the multiple shower heads.
  • Will need to work harder to afford that water bill. 3 hour showers might not work…
  • Lunch with Julie. I miss training her three days a week : (
  • Wedding dress shopping with Sarah!!!! Brings back memories…
  • All the gang together again for Rock Bottom Brewery dinner. Miss this.
  • Ireland trip planning with Brent, Lynn, Colleen, and Andy.
  • We’re cracking up just searching for flights. The other passengers on this flight will HATE us.
  • Dingle.
  • Can’t wait til May for this trip!
  • What?! We have to go home already?! Quick run. In the sunshine and warmth.
  • Good bye, San Diego. We’ll see you in August for the wedding! Tear.
And just like that, I’m off to Newark and New York to teach a TRX course for 26 lovely trainers, assuming the snow doesn’t jack my flight plans tonight… I’ll be back on Sunday night, have a great weekend everybody! And if you’re my friend on Facebook, look for the photo album from this trip! Sorry if you’re not my facebook friend, that’s saved solely for people I’ve actually met and know.
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  1. so jealous of the sunshine you had–get ready for the cold and snow of the northeast! travel safely 🙂 xoxo {av}

  2. the many things i love about this post:
    1. i also experienced a shower in big bear with several shower heads. i hope heaven has showers like that for all of us…or else that i get rich on earth.
    2. i want to go spend a week in san diego now…you make it sound amazeballz.
    3. you’re going to ireland? don’t skip the south. please see
    4. you know i’m with you on the facebook cutoff.

  3. Oh 76 and sunny! PERFECTION!
    And don’t forget, I lived in Ireland for six years so email me if you want any tips 🙂

  4. 76 and sunny…My dream day!

  5. Great post, enjoy it all!

    d e g a i n e

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