TRX Rip Training

I’ve been doing a lot of Rip Training lately… 
Partly because it’s my job. 
Mostly because I want a six pack.
And I have to perform a modern dance this evening,
in front of a lot of people, 
wearing only a sports bra and small shorts. 
Photo by Adrian Li
Watch this video and you’ll see why it’s badass: 
AND 10,000 bonus points goes to whoever 
can find me in the video! 
(Leave a comment with the exact time I enter the frame to receive your points*) 
*that aren’t useful for anything other than bragging rights
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  1. I just started doing TRX and LOOOVE it. Though I was unreasonably, terribly, embarrassingly sore for the first few weeks. We are traveling for 4 weeks this summer, so I’m thinking of buying one to bring along. I can’t get enough!

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