TRX Summit 2013: San Diego

Hey Guys! Hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend! I’ve been in San Diego (and am still here) for the annual TRX Summit – think of it as a really physical work retreat. In years past we’ve gone to different cities, but this year’s took place in SD, which is very exciting for me as I lived here for 4 years not too long ago. Our Summits are always a blast and we, the Master Instructors, love getting together to learn, laugh, and sweat. Each summit has a workout that involves some sort of local cultural element, (when we were in Thailand, we took a hardcore 90 minute Muay Thai class at Tiger Muay Thai in the middle of the jungle) so in San Diego, we were led through a two hour SEAL Team training experience.  Since the creator of the company was a Navy SEAL, he thought it’d be great to enlist a couple of his old SEAL buddies to take us through a log training workout. Yeah… great.

 I almost died. 
And this experience solidified 
why I will never join any military branch ever …
But it was sort of fun… in a 
“fun to talk about now that it’s OVER and I didn’t die” 
kind of way.  
Here are some photos.

First command: go dive in the water, then cover yourself completely in sand. 
You have 30 seconds. 

Here are some 300+ lb logs… pick ’em up, press ’em up, squat with ’em. 
(this went on for about an hour or so) 

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  1. get it gurllll ! hope you’re enjoying SD. I miss it already and I just got back yesterday.

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