TRX Suspension Trainer Giveaway!

I’ve got two great things to offer today! The first and most exciting (and honestly the reason you clicked on this post in the first place) is to give somebody a free TRX Suspension Trainer! Woot! Enter below by hooking me up with your email address so I can contact you if you win. There are multiple ways of gaining more entries so read carefully!

The second, is to announce my new project, the TRX Fit Club.


TRX Fit Club is a 4 week online training program I’ve been working on! Whether you’re just getting started with your fitness journey, an experienced and active athlete, or a trainer wanting some new ideas, this program allows anybody to train with me, from anywhere at any time, and only costs $49. You have to have access to a Suspension Trainer to participate so that you can get the most results in the least amount of time. (I don’t bother with weights or other equipment because you just end up buying SO MUCH stuff and then it’s everywhere in your house. I use the TRX solely because of its portability, versatility, and because it’s so effective, it gives me my abs faster than any other workout I’ve ever done. Plain and simple.) The first 4 week session will begin September 14th and go until October 8th.

If you’d like more info about my TRX Fit Club, please click here. The details, rates and FAQs are already there!

If you have additional questions on how to join, please comment here or email me at

Giveaway ends September 4th at midnight.

(That means Thursday night/Friday morning, don’t get confused)

Winner will be announced on Friday, September 4 at noon, PST. Good luck!

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  1. Becky says

    Would love to win!

  2. Jodi May says

    I <3 TRX!

  3. jenn burton says

    I would love to win a TRX suspension trainer cus I live in the middle of nowhere and don’t have access to classes! Would love to change up my yoga, running, hiking routine 🙂

    • Ami says

      And when you come to visit you’ll get special one-on-one attention!!! ; )

  4. Ashley Hembree says

    I would love to win so I could take my TRX on the road with me!!

  5. Margaret says

    I would love to win! I am working so hard to get off this weight loss plateau and I have been adding more exercise and a TRX of my own would rock!

  6. Sarah DiLeo says

    Love TRX

  7. Kristin Ayres says

    Have been struggling with my weight and balance and am really feeling ready to make a change – have heard great things about the TRX and what it can do for the body. Also love that it’s portable!

  8. Monica says

    Gurl, Fit Club, great idea! Always looking for new and challenging exercises, I’m in!

  9. Erin says

    Love your blog and would love to get started with TRX. Special thanks for the blog about the podcasts, I’m in love with The Read.

    • Ami says

      Yay! Thanks girl! Don’t you freakin’ love it? It’s a little long and sometimes I fast forward through the actual reads because they go on too long, but the rest of it makes me hard laugh. Every time. : ) Thanks for reading and entering!

  10. Andy says

    I am fat and maybe, just maybe, if I win I can see my abs again?

  11. Dean D says

    Would love to win. There are no shortage of people that I would lend it to if I had more than one.

  12. Christy D. says

    love TRX and would love a set for my husband to use so we could workout together!

  13. christy says

    You have lived so far away I could never take your class …. 🙁 UNTIL NOW! How exciting!!!!!!!!!!! I could see you in my living room multiple times a week and get fit?!?! Yes. Please.

  14. Jyme Charette says

    I want to win because TRX works better for me than any other fitness program I’ve ever tried and we are having a baby in December and I’d love to ensure that I get my workouts in at home on days that I can’t make it to class!!

  15. Amy Bjornstad says

    Oh my gosh… This would be AMAZE!

  16. Not anymore deserving than anyone else here…just trying to win this for my wife. She digs the TRX but wants legit training from someone other than her husband ; ) I trained with you a few years back and I’m quite positive she’d dig you’re “jam”. Keep up the good work!

  17. Caroline Thompson says

    I’ve always wanted my own TRX suspension trainer to add variety into my workouts, aid in flexibility, to travel with and obviously to help me #BeABeast. Have loved following your journey! 🙂

  18. Victoria Roe says

    This would be divine!

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