TRX Travel – Connecticut/NYC

Right before I went to Thailand I had a TRX course to teach in Connecticut. Whenever I have to go anywhere even close NYC I fly into JFK and stay with my friend, Annie. Since Connecticut is such as easy drive from New York, I can easily make it a weekend with my old college dance chum. It was great to see her, go to wine tasting, and have a dinner party with my dance buds.

My TRX certifications usually run from 9-5 and I show up at 8 to set up. Since I was driving from NY, i needed to wake up at 6:30, drive an hour to the Equinox in CT and get ready for the day. Funny story: I get there, and the course DOESN’T START UNTIL NOON. Somebody didn’t see that part of the prep email. So, with several hours to kill and no point in driving all the way back to NY, I stop and have breakfast, drive around Darien, and take photos of myself by the lake in a the park. Because that’s what you do when you have a blog. Right?
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  1. at least you made the most of it!

    ps did you see my tweet?? i realized i don’t have your e-mail! btw, i work downtown lady! email me and maybe we can meet up!!

  2. Atleast it was a gorgeous day for you to enjoy before work! 🙂

  3. love these pics! you are a smokeshowwwww!

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