TRX Travel – New Jersey!

So this weekend, I’ll be teaching the TRX Group Course certification in New Jersey. Woot woot!
A couple photos from my course in Texas last month…

Added Bonus: My buddy and fellow Fitness Instructor Extraordinaire*, Marcus Jackson, lives in NJ so we’re going to connect today, grab some lunch, visit the local Lululemon, and catch up… before I have to drive to Bayville.

If you live in New York City and belong to a gym, chances are, Marcus teaches a class there. He teaches 35 classes at a million different gyms EVERY WEEK in NYC. He’s fantastic! Check out your group schedule and look for him!
Enjoy your weekend!
*that’s what I call myself. so what?
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  1. WOot WooT for sure! I wish I lived closer…Hope it’s going great!

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