Trying Shampoo Bars For The First Time…

In an effort to cut back on all the plastic in my life, I’ve recently purchased my first shampoo and conditioner bars! (Shoutout to my friend Leslie who mentioned these to me.)

These are similar to soap bars and they seriously cut back on plastic use in the container, but also the fuel used in shipping. Think about how much lighter it is to ship a tiny bar instead of several full bottles of shampoo!

I was a bit skeptical at first – thinking it would be like washing your hair with regular soap (and if you’ve ever done that, you know it DOES NOT WORK) -but I was pleasantly surprised. Here’s what I thought about my first week using these bars…

My Hair & Products

For context, my hair is really thin and fine, and a few inches past my shoulders in length. The bars I used came from Lush.

Shampoo Bar: “Honey I Washed My Hair” (smells SO good!)

Conditioner Bar: “Sugar Daddy-O”

Bang For My Buck:

Each bar was about $10, but they say they last about 80 washes, or about the equivalent of 3 medium shampoo bottles. Score!

I’ll update this post when the bars run out, but I can see them lasting that long because these babies seem to work well with very little use. I made about three swipes with the shampoo bar and that’s all I needed… which leads me to my next point:


I wasn’t sure the bars would make a good lather and cover everything, but as I mentioned above, with about 3 swipes of the shampoo bar, it felt the same as pouring my normal pile of liquid shampoo in my palm!

The conditioner wasn’t quite the same at first, but once I ran my hands over it a few times, it was fine. It didn’t create a lather, but I don’t need it too.My hair is so thin I could just swipe the bar down my head a few times, but people with thicker hair: feel free to weigh in here with your thoughts and/or solutions if you’ve had trouble with this.


I was ready for my hair to be a tangled mess after swooshing the bar all around it, but it really wasn’t. Score! It was easy to comb out afterward, just like when I use regular shampoo & conditioner.


My hair felt really light when I got out of the shower. This was actually the part that felt better than regular products. When I can, I try to let my hair air dry and even in the hot, humid weather in Kentucky during Summer, my hair dried on its own pretty quickly… just like it does when I’m in the dry mountain air in western Canada.


I was worried about my hair smelling crazy fragrant afterward, but it was a pleasant, clean smell – mildly fragrant, but not overbearing. It didn’t feel like I piled a bunch of chemicals on my scalp.

My Conclusion:

Going into this, I thought if the results were even close to the same as my usual shampoo and conditioner, I would switch to these bars because it’s better for the environment. Ultimately though, I felt that these bars worked better than my regular products… so it’s a no-brainer. Switching!

Your Thoughts?

Have you tried shampoo or conditioner bars? If so, what kind and what did you think? Please include your hair type so I/we can get a full understanding!

I got one comment from my friend Susan regarding the use of sulfate in these types of bars and if you’ve got the same concern, please check out this link for sulfate-free shampoo bar brands.  Thanks, Lynne for the link!

Also – does anybody travel with their bars? If so, how do you store them? Thanks!


Happy Showering!

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  1. Crystal Gipe says

    I’ve used the shampoo bars for a long time and love them! Also because i hardly ever have to buy them! But to you travel question Lush does make these little metal travel containers that work excellent and if i remember they were not that expensive and very easy to use.

    • Ami says

      Oh awesome. Thanks, Crystal. I’ll have to try and snag one before I head back to Canada.

  2. Tami says

    I use shampoo bar that has conditioner in it . I never thought it would work for my very thick and curly hair but it does!There’s a local company that makes them here in New Hampshire too

    • Ami says

      Ooooh. Maybe that’s what I should try. Which kind of bar do you use, Tami? Thanks for weighing in!

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