Unsolved Mysteries (of being a chick)… Part II

There are just some mysteries in life that we’ll never understand. I’ll admit I’m being a bit dramatic and these aren’t complete mysteries, but in chick world, they’re still hard to understand. My latest additions (Part I featured here)  to this list are as follows:

1. How is it possible that you can discover an exciting new outfit combo in your wardrobe one day that looks awesome, and then you try it again two weeks later and all the sudden it doesn’t work? Why do I look frumpy now? Is it my hair? Am I bloated? Why the HELL did this work two weeks ago and now it doesn’t?! Same clothes. Same accessories. Same body. Different look. No sense.


2. Why is nearly impossible to find women’s shorts in an appropriate length? It’s like they either come in “Mail Lady Long” or “Skank Hoe Short”. Can we not produce a pair of shorts that hits a third of the way down your thigh?! I’m sorry. I’m not 16 anymore. Nor am I shooting an ad for Abercrombie. It’s Kentucky. It’s going to be a hot summer. I want to dress for the weather without looking ridiculous.


3. How is it possible that you can take the greatest care putting your necklace in your jewelry box so that it doesn’t tangle, you don’t touch or move it, and you go to pick it up and it’s tangled as shit? Same goes with headphones…

photo 2

4. Why is that when you finally find that perfect shade of summer lip color or nail polish, when you finally find the perfect sports bra, when you finally discover the most perfect fitting pair of jeans, the company decides to discontinue producing it… with no warning at all? I swear, if you’re going to discontinue something, put a sign up at the store. If I know it’s never coming back, I’ll likely stock up and spend more money. RIP Express low-rise, long fit, bootcut jeans. I’ll miss you.


Do you have any to add to this list?

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  1. Ashley Krieger says

    “Mail Lady Long” or “Skank Hoe Short”…..hahaha i died lauging! And the discontinued items? YES!! I have several pairs of lip glosses and jeans that I am hanging on to even though they are crusty and holey!

    And my headphones..every.damn.day.

  2. Ami says

    Haha… the headphones drive me cah-razy. I really wish they all came with a self-retracting option (like a tape measure). The world would be a happier place. ; )

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