Up Close and Personal…

So today was a big day because of the following 3 events:  
1. Annual Lady Dr. appt 
…always a good time
2. 1st Bikini Area Laser Hair Removal Appt. 
Because of a Groupon deal last year, 
I’ve been getting my underarms done 
for the past several months and it’s wonderful
to no longer have to shave there.
They did another Groupon deal last week, 
so I bit the bullet and signed up again, 
not realizing the appt was just after my Lady Dr. appt.
Also not realizing just how thorough they are. 
3. Back to the Lady Dr a few hours later
 for a “just-in-case” internal ultrasound 
to make sure I didn’t have a cyst
on one of my ovaries. 
(I don’t, so don’t worry). 
So in summary, 
3 different people got up close and personal 
with my Lady parts today. 
And unfortunately, none of them 
were my boyfriend, Ryan Reynolds. 

 Your day was less awkward than mine
Glad Game for you. 
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  1. you crack me up!

    and ryan reynolds was with me

    just kidding. he was with blake lively. what a beast.

    i totally went to a laser hair removal appointment for my nether regions but chickened out….you win best bikini line. and most awkward day.

  2. Oh my god. I made the dumb (sorry) decision of having those parts lasered a few years back. Not only were they incredibly thorough, it was the most painful thing I’ve ever been through! Sucks being a women.

  3. That day will forever be known as Vajayjay Day!

  4. HYSTERICAL! Glad you are doing well though!

  5. haha! That’s funny, and true. Gotta love the lady doc. lol.

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