Versatile Blogger Award! And some fun facts…

I have received the Versatile Blogger award! Thanks so much to P!inky over at Pinky Persistence for this award. I now must tell you 7 things you didn’t already know about me:

1) I was named after a song.
Yep, Pure Prairie League’s “Amie” is what I was named after. (Minus the ‘e’ at the end. ’cause it’s cooler that way) My dad knew it from the start. He knew he’d have a girl named Ami so badly that when my brother was born first, he didn’t have a name for 5 days. Never heard the song? It’s your lucky day:
2) Count Chocula is my all-time favorite cereal.
Even though I don’t eat it anymore, Count Chocula is and always will be the ish. Chocolate and marshmallows?! Lucky Charms, eat your heart out.
3) I have false teeth.
Hot, huh? Not all false teeth, but the bottom halves of my two front teeth are fake. My brother and I were wrestling in the driveway one night before going to visit my grandma. He put me in a headlock and then tripped. And I went face-first into my mom’s Buick. Effer.
4) I have never been to Disney World. Or Disney Land.
Our family trips were always to the lake or beach so I have never been to either of these places. Did I miss part of my childhood? Maybe. But I’ll make it there at some point!
5) I hate Pineapple and Coconut.
I don’t mind the flavors of these so much (hello, Pina Colada!) but I can’t handle the textures! Same goes for shrimp. It’s solely a texture thing. Can’t explain it…
6) Classic Rock and Classic Country are my favorite music genres.
I grew up listening to all older music on the radio, thanks to my dad. See #1 for reference. I’d be getting ready for elementary school and singing along to the Rolling Stones, George Jones, Waylon Jennings, and Led Zepplin.
7)I hate the feel of feet.
Except for a baby’s foot, everybody’s feel are cold, clammy, and disgusting. If you touch my bare foot on accident, I’ll cringe. If you touch my bare foot on purpose because you think it’s funny, I’ll cut you. Deep. Same goes for if your bare feet touch my skin. Barf. If we have socks on, everybody’s safe.
I will now pass this award on to these awesome ladies:
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  1. fun post! i think its sort of cool you have fake teeth – is that weird?!? yeah, it is, but i had a root canal when i was in 8th grade, and i make have to get that tooth replaced with a fake one, so ill be joining your club soon. i know, tmi. anyway. fun post. xx. ps. count chocula is awesome!

  2. Thanks lady!! Great post! You have to make it to Disneyland someday…and I think feet are disgusting, too. 😉

  3. I understand the texture thing! Its the same for me with onions….gross. Just can’t get over the texture, it just makes my stomach turn!

  4. i’m proud of you for knowing who Waylon is. Not too many girls do. 10 points.

    Also, 50 points for managing that heart attack fiasco in the next post. Way to keep your cool. You are awesome.

  5. Sooooo, I’m really lame and just logged into my hootsuite and saw that I was tagged in this post. I promise I wasn’t ignorinig you- I just can’t keep up with all the different social networks! Ahhhh! Hope you’re doing well 🙂

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