Vulgar and Inappropriate Humor for your Thursday

We’re almost there!
I’m heading out to D.C. for a conference this weekend so I’m giving you this,
because it’s the funniest thing I’ve watched in a while.

Don’t watch this at work. 
Or at least do so with headphones on. 
There are multiple expletives… but it’s REALLY funny. 
Happy Thursday!

*today will likely be the day that somebody of importance will visit my blog for the first time and be appalled.
 i’m almost certain. 
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  1. Melissa Ray says

    best e-card ever. i find myself texting that to someone every Thursday! thanks for the laughs this morning:)

  2. I literally laughed for a minute straight with that e-card. Totally my Thursday. Love it!

  3. “Just paperclips and sparks everywhere” THANK YOU!!!

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