Watching “Ghost” For the First Time (via Instagram Stories)

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I know, I know. It’s 2017 and I’ve never seen the movie Ghost, which has been out for almost 30 years. I’d been putting it off mainly because I knew Patrick Swayze’s character dies (obviously) and I can’t watch a young Patrick Swayze without thinking of Johnny Castle from Dirty Dancing sooooo I just didn’t want to go through all that. But, it just came out on Netflix and this past Saturday was a lazy one, so I decided to go for it. I live-tweeted (what’s the Instagram story term for this?) it while watching because I knew I’d get made fun of for never watching… which I definitely did. Because those stories disappear after 24 hours though, I kept them just to re-live it here. Feel free to make fun as well.

However, if you’re like me and have never seen this movie, this is a definite spoiler alert… Continue at your own risk. You’ve been warned:

Settling in for a lazy Saturday on the couch. And starting w/ a confession:

And this scene…
Jennifer Grey and Demi Moore are lucky ladies.

Calling it from the beginning:

Totally forgot Whoopi was in this one! 

This was some much needed comedy after crying…

Still don’t trust him. 


You could see this coming…

Oh the old “I spilled coffee on my shirt so now I have to strip & show off my bod” trick. 

Anybody else with me on this? Or was it another 80’s kids movie?

Loving the IG story emoji  (what are those things are called?) that matched so perfectly. 

Laughed so much during this scene. 

OK. I posted about this one a bit too soon. I totally thought when he died they were going to duke it out ghost-style (however that works) and turn the tables. But I’m glad the death ghosts got him before that could happen. Disaster averted. 

SOBBED. So many tears. 

And then it was over and I cried some more

because we’ll never get another awesome romantic movie from this man. 

At the time I wasn’t really planning on blogging this and so the photo filters don’t match and our fireplace takes up 3/4 of each photo, so while these are not completely blog-worthy photographs, it still gets the job done. I’ll definitely watch this again soon if anybody needs a buddy to sob with. ; )

Have a great week, y’all! Thoughts on the movie?!

Let’s discuss as if this hadn’t come out 27 years ago.

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